2013 Birthdays! Raw Mint Chocolate CAKE

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Hi there!

It’s been so long time since I wrote blog last time!

Why? because my PC was sick and Luke’s old PC was sick as well after I tried to use it!

what dose it mean? It means that I shouldn’t spend so much time in front of PC?

Well, today I wanna share about our birthday story and Raw Mint Chocolate CAKE recipe as well!

For Luke’s birthday

I didn’t know what I could get for him, because he has everything what he wants.

so I made little mandara with paper.

Flower Of Life

and he sleeps 5am everyday, so I gave him good eye musk, and he loves it.

also I made Raw Mint Chocolate CAKE. because he loves mint chocolate.

we did small party. It was so much fun!

For myself

I got Omega juicer which I really wanted!!

I got high quality olive oil as well.

and Luke made his special Apple pie (not Raw vegan)! it’s so lovely!

I love birthdays!

I appreciate more our happy lives.

love, joy and happiness.

I thank to everyone who is around me. family, friends, even parson who I ganna meet in the future!

thank you all!!

here is the recipe : Raw Mint Chocolate CAKE

For the crust

check out the Raw brownie recipe!

For the filling

1 avocado

2 bananas

1/2C Irish moss

1/4C Maple syrup

3drops of aloma mint

Blend up everything together until smooth.

For the topping

Cacao powder

Coconut shred

Dry berries (blue berry, goji berry and raisin)

cacao nibs

have fun!

lots of love to you all!

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