New Project! Smoothie Detox☆

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Hi everyone! It’s been half month I haven’t written here…. sorry!

I moved to new house and I feel awesome!  It is beautiful Japanese house. and I have my work room!

Please visit us! Let’s make Rawfood together!! yay!

By the way I just thought… The spring is coming soon! before the spring, I should detox myself for my new life!?

So I wanna share with you and detox with you!


New Project! Smoothie Detox☆

start 3/4 (Mon) – finish 3/31 (Sun)  for 4 weeks

There are no strict rules. But I will tell you some tips.

 1. Drink Green smoothie or Fruits smoothie once a day!

I suggest you to drink smoothie in the morning instead of breakfast. If you eat bread or whatever, drink smoothie first and then eat whatever you want. It helps your nutrients absorption and also digestion.

You can make smoothie only use fruits, but fruits have so much sugar, so I suggest you to put some greens too.

2. Need only Blender, Vegs and Fruits!

I don’t recommend you to add Milk, Soy milk, Yogurt or Honey. You need make smoothie simply so you can digest and easily. Milk and Yogurt make membrane in your stomach which prevent your digestion.

3. Make smoothie just before you drink!

If you can, I recommend you to make smoothie before you drink. Because the vegs and fruits have lots of vitamin, mineral and enzyme. They are the most fresh when you make smoothie, so you can get the energy from the fresh vegs and fruits!

How was it? It sounds very easy, right? Let’s do it!

This morning I made green smoothie.

I will show you how I made. Here we go!

You need a blender! I have Vita-mix and NINJA blender. I use Vita-mix!

Today I put Komatsuna which is like spinich I guess… and 1 Banana, 3 small oranges and 1 cup of water.

Green : Fruits = 5 : 5 for today. But put more green if you can! like Greem : Fruits = 8 : 2

Put wately fruits first in to your blender. It helps blending easily.

Orange → Banana → Green + Water

Put your favourite jar.

Drink it! sorry I was mess… I just work up…

If you say ” I don’t like wash my blender after smoothie…”

You know what? I tell you some tip. You pour some water after making smoothie, then you don’t need to worry about you have to wash with sponge. You just wash with water. very quick.

Now I hope you understand how easy it is.

easy, delocious and detox! Please join me!

You will be clean up from inside to outside of your body! looking forward to seeing 4 weeks later of yourself!

I’m so excited! Let’s DETOX together!!!!

Oops! I got a question! There is no Tuition fee! I just wanted people to join my own project. so you can make your own smoothie in your house. and if you have any question, just ask me. I will answer you! and I will be happy if you share your recipes or photos what you make!

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