2014 Spring Smoothie week Vol.3 (Strawberry Chia Smoothie)

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We gonna start Spring Smoothie Week!

This time will be only 1 week, so please join us!

How to join?

You make smoothie in the morning, take a picture and update your photo on your facebook and share Aya-Papaya RawFood Facebook!

Please share your recipe as well!

Let’s start Lovely spring together!

I will share mine as well! so please check out my facebook!

Start : 4/1     until: 4/7

Some points for smoothie you may know!

1. Drink Green smoothie or Fruits smoothie once a day!

I suggest you to drink smoothie in the morning instead of breakfast. If you eat bread or whatever, drink smoothie first and then eat whatever you want. It helps your nutrients absorption and also digestion.

You can make smoothie only use fruits, but fruits have so much sugar, so I suggest you to put some greens too.

2. Need only Blender, Vegs and Fruits!

I don’t recommend you to add Milk, Soy milk, Yogurt or Honey. You need make smoothie simply so you can digest and easily. Milk and Yogurt make membrane in your stomach which prevent your digestion.

3. Make smoothie just before you drink!

If you can, I recommend you to make smoothie before you drink. Because the vegs and fruits have lots of vitamin, mineral and enzyme. They are the most fresh when you make smoothie, so you can get the energy from the fresh vegs and fruits!

Have a wonderful Spring everyone!

Strawberry Chia Smoothie


1 Banana

5 Strawberry

1Tbsp Chia seed (option) soak them over night

1/2C water

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