Why Raw Food?

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Why Raw Food?

Do you have any problems with your health?

like illness, overweight, bad skin, constipation or swelling…

or depression, stressful, sadness, unhappy or you cannot love yourself…

If you have one of these, do not worries!!!

Because you found Raw Food like I did!

You will have happy life though Raw Food without worries!

Ok, now “Why so many people are having problems with their health nowadays?”

The key was the metabolism!  The metabolism is the old cells change new cells. In our body the metabolism is always happening.

but if you eat Junk Food all the time, your metabolism doesn’t work very well.

If the metabolism works well in your body, unnecessary things are flowing out from your body and the cells always reborn.

and you will be beautiful from your inside to outside.

Now, “What should we do for having the higher metabolism system?”

The key was the enzyme! The enzyme is the nutrient for helping digestion and metabolism.

The enzyme is very important as you cannot live without it.  But not only your body have limited enzyme to make per day but also you are losing effect of enzyme to get old.

So what we need to do is we should get enough food enzyme from fresh food to keep back up for the enzyme system.

But modern food do not have enzyme at all. Because enzyme dies over 48℃ heating. Nowadays we are eating so many cooked food or preservative in the food. Of course the enzyme cannot alive in those food.

However if you eat Raw Foods, the food enzyme work very well in your body and these enzyme help your digestion and metabolism.

That’s why you can get fit, dissolve the constipation, become younger or feel happy all the time!

The health is wealth. I believe when  you are healthy you are happier.

Reset yourself!

For me, Raw Food is skill to reset myself.

We live in stressful society. also we have so many information which is wrong.

And we are eating so many JUNK FOOD!


Health means the result of healthy life style as food and environment.

You can reset yourself though Raw Food without costing lots of money. You just need to know some tips!!

Do you have image of Raw Food eating Salad all the time?

No No! We can eat delicious Raw pizza, Raw pasta, Raw sushi or Raw cake!!

They are really delicious, healthy and easy to make!

Keep healthy on your body with enzyme power!

Raw Food teaches you so many good things about your life.

If you are interested in Raw Food, AYA-PAPAYA will support you any time.

Just let me know!

Let’s have wonderful and happy life together 🙂

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