Wagamama Peanut Butter Brownie

12:03 PM in Delivery

A Happy New Year 2017!

How was your new year’s days so far?


I had pretty tough time.

I caught cold with my baby,

I got mastitis,

and our car port was destroyed by big snow storm…

Well, it will be okay for the rest of 2017 because I already have experienced some disaster…


This month Raw Cake!

Wagamama Peanut Butter Brownie


Junky but sexy!

The crust is Raw Brownie.

The fillings are Peanut butter and chocolate layers.

The toppings are Raw brownie, peanut butter and raw chocolate sauce.

sounds like junky right? hehe


I call it Wagamama means “selfish”.


you can eat this raw cake at VegOut,  TOSCA, and Falafel Garden!

please enjoy!

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