Summer Picnic!

03:34 PM in General

We had a lovely Summer day today!
we drove the car to Arashiyama in Kyoto, had a wonderful lunch there with lovely lovely people.
They made delicious Veg lunch. and I made Raw lunch.

Oh summer, don’t be over so quick… Just stay here, please. We still need your Sunny Hot days!
The butterfly also enjoyed basking in the sun with us.

I made Raw Picnic Lunch.
I brought the Yam chips, which I made before, ate as a cracker. Put some Raw Hummus and Guacamole. It was amazing!
People couldn’t see it was all Raw!

I will write the Raw Picnic Recipes soon. So you can go for Picnic as a Rawfoodist!

Arashiyama san, thank you so much for having us.
It was really precious time.

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