Raw Banana Bread

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Hi,everyone! How’s it going?

We are planning for the Natural Health Event in Kyoto.

It will be so much fun! Please join us.

It will be end of April, we hope. Not sure yet. I will let you know.

I got new 3 sets of personal Blender and Food processor.

Because I want to have my cooking class that the students can make own raw food rather than I do demonstration.

So here we are, this is NINJA!!

It is so cool. I love this one. Because the size is perfect.

not too small, not too big.

and I think it is powerful enough to make some raw dish or smoothies.

But of course I recommend you to get Vitamix ot Blendtec if you are considering to get nice blender.

However, if you want to get something second personal blender or food processor, I recommend to get NINJA!!

well, today I would like to share with you RAW BANANA BREAD.

I made it with NINJA.

Yes, very easy and quick.

2 Bananas

1 cup Almond (soak over night and rinse well)

1/2 cup Oat meal

3 Dates

pinch of Salt

1) Dehydrate Bananas and Almonds 2 hours under 48℃.

2) Blend all of the ingredients together with food processor.

3) Put in to the container and set in the refrigerator  at least 2hours.

4) Cut some pieces and enjoy!

Dehydrate Bananas and Almonds.

use NINJA to stir.

Put in the container. I used lunch box. It fits perfect.

Sexy Banana Bread shot!!?

The key is SALT.

If you put too much it will be too salty. But if you don’t put enough salt, it would be plain.

So make sure you put right amount of salt.

I put 1/2 teaspoon of salt.

Oh, it has been so long time from the last Christmas.

But I got some Christmas present from Luke’s Mum. It is very sweet gift!

Thank you so much, Mum!

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