Mama Papaya

02:04 AM in General

It’s been such a long time, I haven’t written my blog.

I was very very very busy since January.

Because we were searching our new house and I am pregnant.

I am 9 month pregnant now.

I will be mommy soon!!!!!! so excited!!!

We’ve lived in Kyoto for 8years.

But we thought it was time to move our place.

so we’ve been searching and searching and searching.

Finally found a beautiful house in Shiga where is next to Kyoto and just moved .

The house is near beautiful lake, mountains and people.

I am in love with Shiga!

Swimming in the Mother Lake is such  a wonderful thing!

It is time to deliver my baby.

Trust universe.

Go with the flow.

Nothing worry about.

Just be gratitude.

Hope I can introduce our new family soon.

see you until then.

maternity photo small

Mama Papaya at the mother lake.

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