February Event

11:09 AM in General

tomorrow is Valentine’s day!

Did you already make some chocolate for your love?

I did make few days ago. I made Raw stRAWberry marble cheese cup cake!!

It was sooooo delicious!  But it was already gone next day….

For February 16th, I will have 2 events!!

1. At Miyakomesse where near Heian shrine in Kyoto, I will sell Raw sweets.

Art and Craft Market from 10:00 to 16:00. Pottery, Bags, Jewelry and Foods…

Unique artists in Kyoto gather in this event!!

Come to AYA-PAPAYA booth!! I will sell Raw stRAWberry marble cheese cup cakes!!! 😀

Here is the detail (only Japanese) http://taiken.onozomi.com/kdc/market/


2. At Cafe GAEA where also near Heian shrine in Kyoto. I will make Raw food dinner.

Cafe GAEA is an amazing cafe in Kyoto.

Japanese or foreigners come and have good time in this cafe or bar.

The owner is also very cool guy who does Environment activity.

on 16th, we will have Valentine Event with Mami san who is famous for making portrait cake!

In this event I will make Raw food dinner. It will be RAW TACOS which is very poplar  in my recipes!

Maybe I will make RAW PIZZA too!?

Dress cord is RED! You can wear whatever with red. (small is good, also you are very welcome to wear cosplay!)

the dinner will cost around 1000 yes. It is special deal for this event!!

I heard it will be cold so I will make hot soup which is not RAW.

But it will be 100% Vegan. maybe 90% Raw!?

We will play Valentine Game as well!!

Cafe GAEA map:HERE

very cozy place for everyone…

please come and join us these both of events!!!!

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