Eat color, Wear color!

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Hi, guys!

Do you eat colorful food? Do you wear colorful clothes?

I’ve been wearing lots of green stuff after starting to drink green smoothie everyday.

It’s not on purpose, maybe my higher consciousness!?

Anyways, what color are you wearing everyday??


the other day I got nail color from the shop.

It is cherry pink nail!

so today I made PINK smoothie! here we are!

Pink Cabbage + Orange + Banana + water

Isn’t it cute?


We’ve been having guests everyday recently.

and almost everyone says ” feels like you guys are living in this house for long time!”

actually we haven’t lived in this new house even a month yet!

it means our characters are matching with this new house to me!  good to hear that!

the smoothie month has been past half month.

How are you doing?

Have you changed anything?

I’ve changed my habit which I make smoothie every morning! and I lost 2kg since we started this program!

If you wanna lose wight, I suggest you to eat

big salad before eating normal meal!

↑ my salad for other day.

But I eat bigger one recently.

I will show you my big salad bowl next time!

After the salad I eat rice or homemade bread. Yum!

Ok, time to say good night for now.

Have a great Sunday everyone!

Rainbow Salad

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The red cabbage looked soooo cute!

3 sheets Sunny Lettuce

2 sheets Red Cabbage

2 cherry tomato

1 Tbs Dried Raisins

1 Shitake mushroom

1 Tbs Pumpkin seeds

1 Dried tomato with Oil

1)Chop the Shitake mushroom for 0.5cm dice. Marinate them with Lemon juice and Salt. Leave them at least 5 mins.

2)Chop the Lettuce, Cabbage and Tomatoes.

3)Serve Lettuce, Cabbage and Tomatoes on the plate and put the Raisins, Pumpkin seeds, Dried tomato and Shitake mushrooms.

4)I might want to have some lemon juice and salt as dressing. Or you can pour Balsamic vinegar.

The raisins and lemon flavor mix very well.

You can feel colorful from your body after you eat this Rainbow Salad ;p