2014 Spring Smoothie week Vol.3 (Strawberry Chia Smoothie)

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We gonna start Spring Smoothie Week!

This time will be only 1 week, so please join us!

How to join?

You make smoothie in the morning, take a picture and update your photo on your facebook and share Aya-Papaya RawFood Facebook!

Please share your recipe as well!

Let’s start Lovely spring together!

I will share mine as well! so please check out my facebook!

Start : 4/1     until: 4/7

Some points for smoothie you may know!

1. Drink Green smoothie or Fruits smoothie once a day!

I suggest you to drink smoothie in the morning instead of breakfast. If you eat bread or whatever, drink smoothie first and then eat whatever you want. It helps your nutrients absorption and also digestion.

You can make smoothie only use fruits, but fruits have so much sugar, so I suggest you to put some greens too.

2. Need only Blender, Vegs and Fruits!

I don’t recommend you to add Milk, Soy milk, Yogurt or Honey. You need make smoothie simply so you can digest and easily. Milk and Yogurt make membrane in your stomach which prevent your digestion.

3. Make smoothie just before you drink!

If you can, I recommend you to make smoothie before you drink. Because the vegs and fruits have lots of vitamin, mineral and enzyme. They are the most fresh when you make smoothie, so you can get the energy from the fresh vegs and fruits!

Have a wonderful Spring everyone!

Strawberry Chia Smoothie


1 Banana

5 Strawberry

1Tbsp Chia seed (option) soak them over night

1/2C water

Basic Smoothie for your guests! apple and orange

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Hi! The fall is here already.

The fall is my favorite season! yay!

this long weekend  I had some guests.

They stayed in our house, so I made some energy smoothie for their breakfast.

The basic smoothie

1 apple

2 orange

2 banana

3C  green leaves

1C spinach

1C water

mix with blender.

They enjoy very much.

try in your house as well! 🙂

Have a wonderful week!!

Only one ingredients. Raw Ice Cream

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Summer is over…!? it’s been too hot in Japan, but today is pretty chilly.

today I will show you how to make raw ice cream using just one ingredient!

so simple but delicious!


1 Frozen banana

1/2 – 1 ripe banana

Blend frozen banana in the food processor first, and then put ripe banana and blend them together until smooth.

that’s all!!

for topping, cacao nibs and dry blue berry work very well!

please try before summer will be over!


2013 Birthdays! Raw Mint Chocolate CAKE

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Hi there!

It’s been so long time since I wrote blog last time!

Why? because my PC was sick and Luke’s old PC was sick as well after I tried to use it!

what dose it mean? It means that I shouldn’t spend so much time in front of PC?

Well, today I wanna share about our birthday story and Raw Mint Chocolate CAKE recipe as well!

For Luke’s birthday

I didn’t know what I could get for him, because he has everything what he wants.

so I made little mandara with paper.

Flower Of Life

and he sleeps 5am everyday, so I gave him good eye musk, and he loves it.

also I made Raw Mint Chocolate CAKE. because he loves mint chocolate.

we did small party. It was so much fun!

For myself

I got Omega juicer which I really wanted!!

I got high quality olive oil as well.

and Luke made his special Apple pie (not Raw vegan)! it’s so lovely!

I love birthdays!

I appreciate more our happy lives.

love, joy and happiness.

I thank to everyone who is around me. family, friends, even parson who I ganna meet in the future!

thank you all!!

here is the recipe : Raw Mint Chocolate CAKE

For the crust

check out the Raw brownie recipe!

For the filling

1 avocado

2 bananas

1/2C Irish moss

1/4C Maple syrup

3drops of aloma mint

Blend up everything together until smooth.

For the topping

Cacao powder

Coconut shred

Dry berries (blue berry, goji berry and raisin)

cacao nibs

have fun!

lots of love to you all!

cacao nibs into smoothie!

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good morning!

I made green smoothie with cacao nibs!

here is the recipe

3C green leaves

3 bananas

3 oranges

1C water

1/2tsp olive oil

add cacao powder and cacao nibs on the top!

I made 1 litter! so I gonna bring to my work for lunch.

I learned Olive oil fills up you quickly from yesterday’s blog.

so I add some. it actually works!


have a wonderful Monday!

Celery smoothie and How to grow your own celery

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Do you like celery?

When I was kid, I didn’t enjoy it. But I love celery now!

I don’t know why…

Here we go! Celery smoothie for today!

4 sticks celery

1 kiwi fruit

1 banana

1C water

If you like celery, I have a good news for ya!

You can grow your own celery easily!

When you get celery with core shoots, you keep the core shoots and soak them in the water like the photo.

few days later you will see the roots coming out from celery.

and you can put them under the grand.

They will be your original celery!!

Give a try! it is very easy!!!

have a great celery night :p


Spices for Raw Soups

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Hey guys!

How are you doing? Do you have fun with great sun shine?

The smoothie detox month in May project has been 3rd day. What kind of smoothie did you have today?

I had Bok-choy, Orange and Banana.

I didn’t need banana but I figured out that Luke is appreciate to have sweeter smoothie this morning.

so here is my today’s green smoothie recipe!

1 Bok-choy + 3 small oranges + 1 Banana + 1C water (around 800ml)

today I wanna share with you about spices which you might need to have in your kitchen.

Here are the spices which I always have in my kitchen.



Black pepper


Chilli pepper




and Next, your soup gets variety if you have these spices.

Raw cashew nuts

Dried tomato

Dried raisin

Nutritional yeast

Natural sugar (agave syrup, maple syrup or raw honey)

We have lots of spices in our house. Because we make vegan curry use spices and coconut milk and cashew nuts. It is so delicious!

If you want, I will write the vegan carry recipe in the future.

Get spices and Let’s be a master of Raw soup!

have a great day!

I will update Raw soup recipe tomorrow!



simple sweets☆raw chocolate mousse

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Yesterday we cleaned the house and felt sooooo good after that!

After cleaning, I made The Simple Raw sweets!

chocolate pudding!!

the ingredients are only 4 items!

1 Banana

1 Avocado

2 Dates (you can use maple syrup, agave syrup or honey for 2tbsp)

3tbsp cacao powder

Blend in the blender! I use vitamix 🙂


Put in the cups with spatula.

Make up with cacao powder, coconuts powder, dry blue berries, wolfberry, cacao nibs and oats.



after having good time with desserts, we went for walk near our house.

hang out in the forest is the great healing!

The dinner was Vegan food. It was simple dinner too!

I made smoothie, simple salad and raw spring roles.

Luke made wild rice and simple Stir-fried vegetables.

happy meal.

the sauce for raw spring role was sesami seeds, soy sauce, lemon juice and maple syrup. it is so good!

And then, we skype for Luke’s family. it was very nice to talk them:)

The day was lovely and simple!! I loved it.

What will you do today?? Have a great and simple day!!

Eat color, Wear color!

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Hi, guys!

Do you eat colorful food? Do you wear colorful clothes?

I’ve been wearing lots of green stuff after starting to drink green smoothie everyday.

It’s not on purpose, maybe my higher consciousness!?

Anyways, what color are you wearing everyday??


the other day I got nail color from the shop.

It is cherry pink nail!

so today I made PINK smoothie! here we are!

Pink Cabbage + Orange + Banana + water

Isn’t it cute?


We’ve been having guests everyday recently.

and almost everyone says ” feels like you guys are living in this house for long time!”

actually we haven’t lived in this new house even a month yet!

it means our characters are matching with this new house to me!  good to hear that!

the smoothie month has been past half month.

How are you doing?

Have you changed anything?

I’ve changed my habit which I make smoothie every morning! and I lost 2kg since we started this program!

If you wanna lose wight, I suggest you to eat

big salad before eating normal meal!

↑ my salad for other day.

But I eat bigger one recently.

I will show you my big salad bowl next time!

After the salad I eat rice or homemade bread. Yum!

Ok, time to say good night for now.

Have a great Sunday everyone!

(日本語) スムージーとQ&Aとお誘い

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