Spirulina Raw Chocolate Cake

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Spirulina is one of Superfood,

Spirulina contains about 60%  protein. also vitamin, mineral and β-Caroten.

It has so many benefits for our health. However I reject its taste… so I put in the raw cake.

and it works! looks like Maccha cake, doesn’t it?

here is the recipe.

for Crust

120g Almonds

4 dried figs

2Tbsp cacao powder

for Filling

150g Cashew nuts

70g Cacao butter

120g Maple syrup

little bit of Vanilla extract

50g Water

1tsp Spirulina


①For crust. Mix all ingredients in the food processor and set it in the freezer.

②For filling. Mix all ingredients in the high speed blender.

③Devide filling half. One of them, add Spirulina powder and mix them.

④Put the filling in the crust alternately.  Make marble design.

⑤Set them in the freezer for 2 hours.

Cacao nib is also one of superfood.

Anti-cancer effect, antioxidant action. also remove your stress.

My yoga teacher visited us.  and we enjoyed the special dinner.

thank you

Raw White chocolate cake

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It was our birthday in last 2 weeks.

so I made Raw white chocolate cake for Luke.

We loved it and I’d love to share its recipe with you!




・Almond 120g

・Dry figs 2

・Dry dates 30g


・Cashew nuts 150g

・Cacao butter 60g

・Maple syrup 100g

・water 100g


Cacao powder


①For crust, mix all ingredients with food processor and put in the pie dish.

②For filling, blend all ingredients with high power blender and put them in the pie dish.

③Set it in the freezer for 1~2 hours.

I forgot to add vanilla extract, so you can add them too.

I can promise that it takes you heaven! really good……


have a great week!!


Spring Smoothie week & about Chia seeds

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Cucumber Apple Chia smoothie


Banana Maca Green Smoothie


Grapefruit Orange Smoothie


Perilla frutescens Apple Chia Smoothie


Apple Banana Chia Smoothie


Radish Apple Lemon Chia Smoothie

about Chia seeds

benefits of chia seeds

Full of fiber, vitamin and mineral.

also full of Omega-3.

Chia has so much benefit for your health!

get 2Tbsp everyday for your smoothie.

have a great week!

Spring Smoothie week DAY1 ☆ Wedding Cake

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Hey guys!

It’s April! It’s time to enjoy everything!

We just started Spring Smoothie Week Vol.3!

Today’s smoothie is fruits smoothie which is Strawberry Apple Chia Smoothie!

new lives are coming out. and really happy energy everywhere!

I put a dream catcher on the tree. and it was still be happy to be there.


My one of wonderful friend got married! and they ask me to make Wedding Raw Cake for them!

so I made the first Wedding Raw cake!

Raw Mandala Love Cake.

wish for their eternal LOVE.


well, let’s enjoy lovely Spring!!!!

Have a great day!!

2014 Spring Smoothie week Vol.3 (Strawberry Chia Smoothie)

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We gonna start Spring Smoothie Week!

This time will be only 1 week, so please join us!

How to join?

You make smoothie in the morning, take a picture and update your photo on your facebook and share Aya-Papaya RawFood Facebook!

Please share your recipe as well!

Let’s start Lovely spring together!

I will share mine as well! so please check out my facebook!

Start : 4/1     until: 4/7

Some points for smoothie you may know!

1. Drink Green smoothie or Fruits smoothie once a day!

I suggest you to drink smoothie in the morning instead of breakfast. If you eat bread or whatever, drink smoothie first and then eat whatever you want. It helps your nutrients absorption and also digestion.

You can make smoothie only use fruits, but fruits have so much sugar, so I suggest you to put some greens too.

2. Need only Blender, Vegs and Fruits!

I don’t recommend you to add Milk, Soy milk, Yogurt or Honey. You need make smoothie simply so you can digest and easily. Milk and Yogurt make membrane in your stomach which prevent your digestion.

3. Make smoothie just before you drink!

If you can, I recommend you to make smoothie before you drink. Because the vegs and fruits have lots of vitamin, mineral and enzyme. They are the most fresh when you make smoothie, so you can get the energy from the fresh vegs and fruits!

Have a wonderful Spring everyone!

Strawberry Chia Smoothie


1 Banana

5 Strawberry

1Tbsp Chia seed (option) soak them over night

1/2C water

Mandala Raw Chocolate Cake

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When you become used to eat raw dessert, you might want to make RAW CHOCOLATE CAKE WITH CACAO BUTTER!

today I will update the recipe of Raw chocolate cake.

also I added some Maca which is super food as well!

here is the recipe.


Recipe (18cm round tart)


120g Almond (soak them over night)

4 of Big dry figs

pinch of salt


100g cashew nuts (soak them few hours)

70g Cacao butter (melt them under 48℃)

30g Cacao powder

120g Maple syrup

1~2 tbsp Maca powder

a bit of Vanilla extract

Water (after soaked cashew nuts + water = 200g)

Mandala decoration

coconuts shred

cacao nibs

goji berry



Blend all ingredients in the food processor.

mix well. and put on the tart mold.


Mix all ingredients in the blender.

Put on the crust.

Set it in the refrigerator for 2~3 hours.

Make mandala on the cake!

it is so tasty!!


Raw Pasta & Salad Tacos

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Hello everyone.

How are you? It became cold so quick!

I caught a cold today…

But let’s be powerful with RAW FOOD!

today’s recipe

Raw Pasta and Salad Tacos

Raw Pasta

For Pasta

1  Courgette

For Tomato sauce

1/2 Courgette

1 Tomato

1C dried tomato

1 Garlic

1tsp Tamari soy sauce

3 leaves of basil

Blend all in the blender.

Salad Tacos


1/2 Avocado ( put some lemon juice and salt)

For Taco meat

1/2C Walnuts (cut small)

1tsp Tamari soy sauce

1tsp Agave syrup

1tsp coriander powder

Mix walnuts, tamari and coriander well.

Have a happy meal 🙂

Basic Smoothie for your guests! apple and orange

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Hi! The fall is here already.

The fall is my favorite season! yay!

this long weekend  I had some guests.

They stayed in our house, so I made some energy smoothie for their breakfast.

The basic smoothie

1 apple

2 orange

2 banana

3C  green leaves

1C spinach

1C water

mix with blender.

They enjoy very much.

try in your house as well! 🙂

Have a wonderful week!!

Raw Zucchini Hummus

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Hummus is the Middle East food as you know.

they use cooked chickpeas.

I tried to make RAW hummus.

actually it is good as chickpea’s hummus.

Raw Zucchini Hummus recipe

2 Zucchini (if you use green zucchini, your hummus will be green one. so I use each of green and yellow zucchini.)

1 garlic

2Tbsp Raw Tahini

2Tbsp Lemon juice

4Tbsp Raw sesami seeds

pinch of salt

pinch of paprika powder for topping

Cut the Zucchini. Blend everything in the blender.

Put paprika powder on the top!

you might need more tahini, lemon juice or salt.  it’s up to you!

Have with Veges or whole wheat bread…:)

2013 Birthdays! Raw Mint Chocolate CAKE

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Hi there!

It’s been so long time since I wrote blog last time!

Why? because my PC was sick and Luke’s old PC was sick as well after I tried to use it!

what dose it mean? It means that I shouldn’t spend so much time in front of PC?

Well, today I wanna share about our birthday story and Raw Mint Chocolate CAKE recipe as well!

For Luke’s birthday

I didn’t know what I could get for him, because he has everything what he wants.

so I made little mandara with paper.

Flower Of Life

and he sleeps 5am everyday, so I gave him good eye musk, and he loves it.

also I made Raw Mint Chocolate CAKE. because he loves mint chocolate.

we did small party. It was so much fun!

For myself

I got Omega juicer which I really wanted!!

I got high quality olive oil as well.

and Luke made his special Apple pie (not Raw vegan)! it’s so lovely!

I love birthdays!

I appreciate more our happy lives.

love, joy and happiness.

I thank to everyone who is around me. family, friends, even parson who I ganna meet in the future!

thank you all!!

here is the recipe : Raw Mint Chocolate CAKE

For the crust

check out the Raw brownie recipe!

For the filling

1 avocado

2 bananas

1/2C Irish moss

1/4C Maple syrup

3drops of aloma mint

Blend up everything together until smooth.

For the topping

Cacao powder

Coconut shred

Dry berries (blue berry, goji berry and raisin)

cacao nibs

have fun!

lots of love to you all!