1day cafe done!

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Hi, everyone!

I finished 1day raw food cafe yesterday.

thank you for coming all of you! I really appreciate it.

It was second time to open the cafe. I learned lots of things from 1st one, so this time I got reservation before.

and it worked very well!

The space where is Zen Cafe at Demahiyanagi was so cozy, food was delicious, people are very nice…

It was awesome!

The Menu was

Raw pizza

Raw pasta

Raw stuffed paprika

Raw nachos


Green smoothie and brownies ( optional)

I wanna do this 1day cafe thing more!

I will open someday in the future, so please join us! I will let you know on this post!

and I got new my Aya-Papay sing! I love it!

this green smoothie was for Luke.

spinach, strawberry, pineapple and banana.

For me,

spinach, carrots, apple and banana.

We need to take care of my parent’s dog for today.

so we went to long walk near our house.

His name is Popo.

He is cute, but he is so naughty…

Today I saw Sakura for first time in 2013!!

It’s been for 3 year since I saw sakura in japan.

I feel so excited that the new year just started!

The smoothie month is getting finish soon!

How do you feel? I got some good message from people and their bodies have been changed!

Please tell me if you have some result!

have a great smoothie morning tomorrow!!

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