11/25 Vegetarian Festival

07:50 AM in General

The vegetarian festival in Umekoji park on 25th Norvember.

Before the festival, I was wooring about the weather.

and it was first time to jion the vegetarian festival for me, so I didn’t know what to do…

But I didn’t need the worries.

It was awesome experiences and great success!

I met a lot of cool and interested people. Had so much fun!

I sold

Raw cookies (banana, apple)

Raw brownies

Raw cinnamon bar

Raw granola

Raw onion bread

Raw enegy ball

Preserved flower (which is not rawfood of course)

The best was Raw brownies!!

Raw enegy ball and Raw onion bread were sold very quick too.

But Raw cookies and Raw cinnamon bare too!!

Well, everything!!

I thank for the people who came to the festival and drop by my booth.

I thank for the people who were in the festival.

I hope Raw food will be expand more and more people will be happier!

I will be more active to spread out Raw food.

So if you like please cheer me up sometimes!!

Thank you so much!

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